Algas marinhas saem da ficção e viram realidade

Líderes são aqueles que transformam lixo em luxo. Um exemplo a Olmix, uma empresa francesa, fundada por um visionário, que a moda de Julio Verne nas suas 20 mil léguas submarinas, reunia algas com seu submarino Nautilus, era o estranho capitão Nemo.

Again, I have invented this name to define a situation that afflicts many aspiring writers and many others who have come to publish but feel dissatisfied without knowing exactly why. Unfortunately, this phenomenon can slow a writer's career at if he allows it. This is attributable to an excess of demand with oneself, to an establishment of too high expectations or to a need to emulate large names in the literature to which it is venerated. They are read with admiration and respect because they win prizes and the bravest literary supplements praise them. That, you believe, is the only form of real success. Consequently, it aspires to reach its height, becomes frustrated and stays in the dry dock. He has encountered the "blocking of ambition," which is experienced by many who do not admit that they read with pleasure little intellectual books, but who neglect this children's literature when they become serious writers (ie, brave). Not only do they never want to read more things on that level, but they don't even consider writing to them. It would be degrading. So they fight, they are perplexed and end up facing the greatest danger of all: they block completely and convince themselves that they will never succeed. If you are one of these people, consider the situation. Force yourself to be honest and do not write a single word until you have spent six months reading those authors who you think you should despise because they sell. He will not like everyone, he may not have just read some, but remind those who leave him with a feeling of satisfaction and joy and then acknowledge that he has been reading at a level where he felt comfortable. Then, confess why. Confess that they develop a strategy that seems understandable, that reflects their own need to write the same type of fiction with the same spontaneity and the same lack of presumption. In this way, you will discover your own nature. Recognizing your limitations, and feeling comfortable with them, you will take your pen or keyboard again and overcome this particular type of blockage. And he will not feel a bad writer because he has been sensitive enough to establish a pact with reality.

O Sr Herve Balusson é o idealizador e líder de um projeto desses, na região de Brittany, na França. Está inaugurando uma escola de algas, e realizando um grande congresso nesta semana em Paris, tratando da construção de uma cadeia saudável de alimentação.

Um dos pontos essenciais está na saudabilidade da alimentação, e um dos elementos trata da resistência a antibióticos, problemas com defensivos e questões sobre o quão natural poderemos ir numa sociedade que caminha para 10 bilhões de habitantes. Mas este líder colhe algas marinhas e as vem transformando em riquezas saudáveis e alimentares.


José Luiz Tejon Megido

Prof Dr acadêmico


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